The Mysterious World of Blogging

I need to make a confession. I really don’t quite know what blogging is.

That’s a little surprising, considering I’ve written a book about it, or at least a novel, The Blogger Who Came in from the Cold, where the central character was a very successful blogger who was pretty hopeless at everything else. But to be honest, my experience of professional blogging was limited to what I gleaned from Emma Baird, with whom I was working on some publications at the time. Emma seemed to work incredibly hard for not very much reward, which might be true of blogging generally. Indeed, it might be true of life in general.

Emma has a friend, the prolific crime writer Caron Allan, who it appears could blog for Britain in the Olympics. And today, Emma reblogged an article of Caron’s, an article all about characters’ names.


Just as I thought I might be getting somewhere, I tried to reblog Caron’s article, too. I thought the idea was that if lots of people like me “reblogged” their blogs, the originals might attract some extra traffic and, who knows, might help to make them rich and even more famous than they already are. Except that I made a first-class pig’s ear of the whole thing, and I ended up having to start again from scratch.

Anyway, by way of apology to each of them, here’s a little plug for a couple of books:

I’ll let you work out which author’s is which. Emma’s is part of a series, and that’s not the first, so you might like to start with No.1. It just happens to be approaching Christmas. Caron’s is the first of her Dottie Manderson series, and there are masses of those. And did you see the way I slipped one of mine in there, too? It’s the new Sister Mary Maxwell-Hume & John Knox crime novel, due out in March 2022. You can pre-order it on Amazon, but please buy direct from the author in each case – don’t let Voldemazon grab its ridiculous share of the author’s hard-earned rewards. Meantime, clicking on the image in each case to find out more about each book.

Meanwhile, can someone tell me how to reblog? Is it just like retweeting a tweet?

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