About Gordon

About Gordon

Hi, I’m Gordon Lawrie, and thanks for visiting my WordPress blog page. I’ve lived and worked all my life in the Edinburgh area, so naturally much of my writing is set here.

For 36 years I was a Modern Studies (that’s politics, if you live abroad) teacher, mostly in Portobello. Towards the end of my career I went part-time to try and write a novel, then someone kindly offered me more to leave my job than I was getting paid. I suppose they were trying to tell me something.

Anyway, the first novel was rubbish and only my wife has ever seen it, but while I was writing, then throwing away, the first 100,000 words, I came up with a much better idea for a novel. That was Four Old Geezers and a Valkyrie, and it’s since been followed by a novella called The Discreet Charm of Mary Maxwell-Hume, and a further novel called The Blogger Who Came in from the Cold. And there’s more in the pipeline.

I also founded a local publishing collective called Comely Bank Publishing which has so far published 6 authors and 9 titles – again, with more to come. Finally, I edit an online flash fiction publication called Friday Flash Fiction which publishes – mainly – 100-word stories. Please visit us, and feel free to take part.

I do have a website of my own at www.lawrie.info which is my main website, and where you can download, read and even hear selections of my various output. There’s an awful lot there. You can also contact me there. However I’ve decided that this is a better place for a blog, so I’ll be copying over any articles written elsewhere – my website, or on LinkedIn, say – to the blog pages here.